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Schürch Photo Gallery Project

The project is housed in Flickr. To view the photos already submitted, please click on this link. When you click on it, you will come to the Photostream page which is the location for all the photos that have been added.  If you click on SETS, you will have a choice of topic and at the moment we have Codes E, H & N but this will grow. 

Load your old photos here:

As genealogists, family historians or persons simply interested in their family, we are used to asking questions, examining documents, letters, journals and Bible inscriptions.  More formally we turn to researching a variety of public records to get answers.  In fact, our Schurch family is blessed to have so many branches of the family researched and in a form where shortly we will be able to quickly find information about our ancestors through the Association’s Database Project.

But are names, dates, locations, occupation and religious affiliation enough to satisfy our curiosity?  How does this kind of information help us with questions like “Whose nose do I have?” or  “Did my mother really look like her grandmother’s sister?” These are the questions no amount of public record research can answer.  We need to study those faces, captured in time to get answers to those questions.


Code N Sherk Gathering, Ridgeway ON Canada

N13 Sherk Family Reunion

Date: Summer 1914

Location: Ridgeway, Ontario at the home of Jonas Sherk.

The Association Executive approved a new project where we would collect digital images of all the old pictures we have in our homes, our attics, old Bibles and tucked away in backs of drawers.  By doing this we would ensure that these images, many of which are starting to fade and disintegrate, would be saved for all posterity.  The intention of the Association is to house this collection in an on-line gallery where everyone could access these pictures.

For the Association, the collection of these images will mean a fuller picture of our ancestors.  Soon we will have names, dates and faces.

E1424 Sherk Baer Reunion

Date: Summer 1914

Location: Humberstone Twp., Welland Co., Ontario, Canada

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Code E Sherk Gathering, Welland ON
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