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We look forward to seeing you in Fort Erie, in the Niagara Region of southern Ontario in 2020!

August 6 - 8, 2020

LOCATION: Clarion Hotel and Conference Centre, 1485 Garrison Rd., Fort Erie, ON just minutes from the Peace Bridge and the QEW.

Reunion Locations over the Years

2014 Millersville, PA.         PHOTOS

2016 Waterloo, ON           PHOTOS

2018 Lewisburg, PA         PHOTOS

How many ways can one spell Schürch?


Forty or more at last count.  Add family surnames with ties to the Schürch family like Bergey, Brubacher, Clemmer, Detweiler, Erb, Good, Hunsberger, Martin, Shantz, and many more and the number of Schürchs skyrockets. In the 34 years since our association was established, Schürch historians have discovered numerous ties connecting the descendants of the first Swiss arrivals in 1727. Come and explore and celebrate your ties to Schürchs in Switzerland and across North America.



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