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There are many motel/hotels in the Niagara Falls Ontario area that can be found by doing a Google search and here are a few. Niagara Falls is a 35-minute drive from the Crystal Beach Community Centre.

  1. Comfort Inn Fort Erie - 1 Hospitality Drive, Fort Erie Toll free: 1-800-4CHOICE

  2. KNIGHTS INN FORT ERIE - 139 Garrison Road, Fort Erie Toll free: 1-888-524-4405

  3. AMERICAN WATERPARK, RESORT AND SPA - 8444 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls     1 (800) 263-3508                        

  4. YELLOW DOOR BED & BREAKFAST - 308 Helen Street, Crystal Beach

  5. KNIGHT'S HIDE-AWAY PARK - 1154 Gorham Road, Ridgeway

  6. WINDMILL POINT PARK - 2049 Dominion Road, Ridgeway     

Visit this web site for a list of hotels in the Niagara Falls area via Trip Advisor. Niagara Falls is about a 35-minute drive north of Crystal Ridge Community Centre.                                                                                              

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